Policy Manual


Permitted Uses and Disclosure of Protected Health Information for Law Enforcement Purposes Regarding Decedents      

Type: Policy                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: HIPAA Privacy Rule Standard 164:512f4g

Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
N/A  4-13-2003  Board    4-13-2003
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Policy:  Community Care may disclose protected health information about an individual who has died to law enforcement officials for the purpose of alerting law enforcement of the death of the individual if Community Care has a suspicion that such death may have resulted from criminal conduct. Community Care may disclose protected health information to a coroner or medical examiner for the purpose of identifying a deceased person, determining a cause of death, or other duties as authorized by law. Community Care may disclose protected health information to funeral directors, consistent with applicable law, as necessary to carry out their duties with respect to the decedent. If necessary for funeral directors to carry out their duties, Community Care may disclose the protected health information prior to, and in reasonable anticipation of, the individual’s death.