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Restriction Requests on the Use of PHI      

Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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N/A  4-13-2003  Executive Director    N/A
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Procedure:  .

Care Development of Maine



Title: Restriction Requests on the Use and Disclosure of PHI


Code: 1.MEP.11




Level: Care Development of Maine


Related Policies: 1.ME.52


Purpose: To ensure Privacy Rule compliance under HIPAA regarding client access to PHI.


Affected Parties: Providers at Care Development


Effective Date: 4/13/03


Approval Level: Executive Director


Revision Date: none


References: see policy



All providers who receive a request by a client to restrict the use and disclosure of PHI should notify their Supervisor and the agency Privacy Officer within 24 hours of the request.The Provider should also provide the phone number to the client where he or she may contact the agency Privacy Officer to discuss the process of restricting information.Upon notification,The Privacy Officer will contact the client within three business days of the request and document required information regarding the request.After collecting the necessary information from the client, the Privacy Officer will, within five business days of speaking with the client, convene a meeting between the Provider who accepted the request, the Provider responsible for the maitenance of the Client Record, and the Clinical Supervisor of the case.In establishing this meeting, other relevant treatment Providers within Care Development may be included.The request will be reviewed at this meeting and a decision made whether to accept or not accept the restriction request.During this process, information being considered for restriction will NOT be used or disclosed without consultation with the client.The restriction is valid and considered in effect, if granted, at the end of the meeting.If the request is granted, the Privacy Officer will, within five business days, notify the client by phone and in writing of the granting of the request.��� If the request is not agreed to, the Privacy Officer will contact the client within five business days by phone and in writing notifying them of the denial and the reason(s) why.In the event the client or the agency wishes to terminate an agreement to a restriction, the Privacy Officer should be notified.The Privacy Officer will document and notify the client of any changes made reagrding the restriction to an agreed upon use or disclosure.All written documentation regarding the process will become apart of the client record.���



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