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Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: G7.2.03

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1.ME.72 Professional Development & Training Policy Policy

Procedure:  .

When personnel, through the evaluation and/or supervisory process, express a desire to advance within the organization or within their profession, the following apprenticeship procedure will be followed:


1.      A member of the Community Care personnel requests an apprenticeship, or the supervisor identifies an opportunity for advancement within the agency or for the supervisee's learning.

2.      A determination will be made at the supervisory level regarding whether the apprenticeship is appropriate and/or able to be accomplished.

3.      The program manager reviews the determination and this decision is communicated to the supervisor and the staff member.

4.      A time frame must be attached to all apprenticeships with expectations and anticipated outcomes identified.

5.      The apprentice must sign off on these expectations and anticipated outcomes and the form must be entered into the personnel file.

6.      Possible apprenticeship opportunities at Community Care may include but not be limited to:

        Case Coordination: The qualified candidate for a CC apprenticeship may be a BSW graduate employee who lacks only the experience to become a CC; an employee who is engaged in a BSW program (or other appropriate degree), or a BSW student intern.

        FIS: The qualified candidate for the FIS apprenticeship may be a student intern.

        RSD: The qualified candidate for the RSD apprenticeship may be an experienced FIS; a student intern; a qualified employee of Community Care.

        FCD: The qualified candidate for the FCD apprenticeship may be an experienced employee or a student intern.

        Therapist: The qualified candidate for the therapist apprenticeship may be an MSW student intern; or a Community Care MSW graduate who is engaged in the licensing process for their LCSW.

        TAM: The qualified candidate for the TAM apprenticeship may be an experienced employed with the appropriate education and not less than 3 years of experience with Community Care.

        TCS: The qualified candidate for the TCS apprenticeship may be an experienced, clinically licensed employee with the appropriate education and not less than 3 years experience with Community Care.

  1. All apprentices must complete orientation and be OQMHP certified or certified by degree to provide the identified service.
  2. All apprentices must be directly supervised by a designated, qualified individual.
  3. All apprentices' documentation must be co-signed by the supervisor.


Note: Apprenticeships are typically not paid positions, but rather, learning opportunities for the identified individual. Any request for reimbursement within this position may only be approved by the Executive Director or designee.