Policy Manual


Disposition of Client Records      

Type: Policy                 Category: QA/QI                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA G11.4

Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
N/A  9-18-2003  Board    9-18-2003
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13.MEP.5 Disposition of Client Records Procedure

Policy:  It is the policy of Community Care to maintain a systematic approach to the disposition of client records. Client records are to be maintained in the status of 1) active, 2) inactive but open, or 3) inactive and closed. Records in the active or inactive but open status will be located in locked file cabinets within the record room of the Community Care program location serving those clients. All records that are inactive and closed will be delivered to the Bangor Community Care office following the "Closing a Record Instructions". All records that have remained in the inactive and closed status for a period of 7 years, will be reviewed for disposition. Adoption case records will remain in the closed record system indefinitely and will not be destroyed. For other program client records, the disposition of records that have remained in the inactive and closed status for a period of 7 years will be destroyed by shredding. Additionally, for all client records, other than adoptive cases, both active and inactive but open cases, that contain material which is over 7 years old may have the old material destroyed with the consent of the client / guardian and the Community Care Case Coordinator for that record. Substance abuse case records for a minor will be kept for six years following the client's 18th birthday regardless of the status of the record.