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Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Care Development of Maine employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA Service Standards MH 1, CM 2, FPS 2, FC 1, SA 1, GLS

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.  5-1-1997  Executive Director  2/09  2-18-2009
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Procedure:  .

Client intake:



1.      An initial intake meeting will be held with the client/family and/or guardian to complete the program specific intake paperwork.The provider conducting the intake will read and explain the summary of client rights and will provide access to a complete set of the Rights of Recipients. The provider will ensure that the consumer has fully understood their rights and will take whatever additional steps are necessary to ensure an understanding on the part of the consumer. If applicable, the client will then be advised of the cost of services and available options to funding.

2.      An appropriately licensed provider will conduct a thorough psychosocial history, complete initial diagnostic impressions and establish an initial service plan.

3.Any information not collected previously regarding presenting problems, previous history of services, expectations of services, and/or any other information pertinent to the provision of such services will be collected during the intake process.

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