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Waiting List      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Service Delivery                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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The Team Clinical Supervisors, Foster Care Developers of Maine, Case Coordinators, and Intake & Scheduling Coordinator will meet weekly to review intakes and establish priorities for individuals waiting for service. Factors considered in establishing priorities will include:


1.        Level of risk and jeopardy to the child by others or environment or the threat of harm to self or to others by the child.

2.        Stability of current living condition.

3.        Legal imperatives such as court ordered intervention.

4.        Bates v Glover Consent Decree.

5.        Clinical assessmentfactors such as extent and severity of family dysfunction, risk of decompensation and risk of environmental or societal factors such as criminal activities.

6.        Availability or lack of availability of other resources.

7.        Identified priority clients.



All referrals on the waiting list shall be maintained chronologically by date of referral. Names will be taken from the waiting list in chronological order within the above establishedparameters.