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Type: Procedure                 Category: Service Delivery                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
3.ME.19  4-1-2004  Board    3-15-2005
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3.ME.19 Assessment Policy

Procedure:  1.) The Clinical Supervisor will complete the initial assessment within 21 days of the determination that the individual is eligible for services. Assessment will include minimally: a. Pre-screening diagnosis or diagnosis assigned by Clinical Supervisor (including duration/risk of duration of diagnosis) during mental status health evaluation b. Assessment of family cohesiveness, including but not limited to risks for separation of the client from family (risk of removal to inpatient psychiatric facility, group or foster home, crisis or emergency shelter, corrections facility, risk of homelessness) c. Assessment of self-care d. Assessment of ability to build or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults e. Assessment of self-direction, including behavioral control f. Assessment of capacity to live in a family or family equivalent g. Assessment of ability to learn (not due to intellect, sensory or health factors) h. Determination of psychotic symptoms i. History and current assessment of suicide/ suicide ideation j. History and current assessment of aggression towards self or others k. History and current abuse history l. Family history m. Physical health history n. Psychiatric/mental health history (including past treatment) o. Substance abuse p. Physical and environmental barriers to receiving services q. Education and vocational needs r. Family’s perception of client’s needs and strength s. Client’s perception of needs and strengths t. Identification of high risk behaviors u. Potential triggers v. Legal history w. Placement history x. Recommended services 2.) The Clinical Supervisor will forward the assessment to the Program Coordinator for the purpose of coordinating the recommended services to the client. 3.) Information gathered during the initial assessment will be used to complete the first 90-day service plan.