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Administration of Domestic Partner Benefits      

Type: Miscellaneous                 Category: Administration                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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A domestic partnership shall be deemed to exist between two persons of the same or opposite sex if both complete and sign an affidavit form (provided by Human Resources) and attest to the following:


The Domestic Partner is at least eighteen (18) years if age or older;


Both parties are of legal age of consent and mentally competent to enter into a contract in the state in which they reside;


An intimate relationship exists between the parties whereby both parties holds the other out to the public as a spousal equivalent, each are the other�s sole Domestic Partner and each intends to remain so indefinitely;


Both parties currently share a common residence, have shared said residence continuously for at least (12) months and intend to do so indefinitely;


Neither party is married to anyone else and the parties are not related to each other by adoption, or blood to a degree of closeness which otherwise bars marriage in the state in which they legally reside (i.e. Employee�s parent, sibling, certain extended family members);


Both parties are jointly responsible to each other�s common welfare, and for each other�s financial obligations;


It has been at least (12) months since either of the two parties filed a statement of termination of a previous domestic partnership affidavit or has ended a legally recognized marriage.