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External Development      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Administration                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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1. The agency encourages and supports employee participation in professional development activities such as seminars and workshops. Employees interested in this company benefit must discuss the activity with their immediate supervisor to obtain initial approval.

2. Before using external professional development funds, providers must have completed of all of their Phase One and Two Pre-Service Training and orientation requirements and Phase Three topics specifically related to the performance of their duties and as dictated by the agency's licensing and funding sources.

3. If attendance at an external professional development and/or training activity would significantly enhance a provider's professional skills and ability to perform the duties of his/her position and/or to meet licensing requirements, an exception to the above listed requirements may be made at the discretion of the team, Executive Director and/or their designee(s).

4. The Supervisor, in consultation with the Program Director, will base request approvals upon several factors including, but not limited to: team/area and agency budgets; past frequency of participation in external meetings; need of the provider to attend; the professional benefit to the provider, the provider's team, and the agency; the relationship between the provider's mandatory training requirements for his/her position held and the provider's professional-development interests.

5. The Program Director is responsible for final decisions regarding the allocation of team professional development and training resources. 

6.  Once the team approves a request for external professional development, the employee will submit an agency voucher, signed by the supervisor, along with any related documentation concerning the workshop or seminar, and any related but necessary travel costs associated including any related e-mail correspondence indicating the request, need for the professional development and related travel costs.  Enrolling the employee in the workshop or seminar will be done by the employee, once it has been approved.

7.  Following the completion of the workshop or seminar, the employee is required to forward the certificate of completion issued by the seminar provider to the Training Coordinator to ensure the employee's training record is complete.  Additionally, a copy of same will be forwarded to Human Resources by the Training Coordinator for record keeping in the employee's personnel file.