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Incidents of Violence in the Workplace      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Administration                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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Procedure:  .

Non-Client Related Incidents Onsite:


Involved providers will follow the training received in MANDT for interacting with a potentially violent person and must heed the training received in Module 1 through 2 for non-physical interaction. With assistance from other staff/supervisors who may be present, involved providers will attempt to assess what the immediate issue may be. It is priority to assess immediate risk for aggression or violence. Providers should use the MANDT System Module 1 through 2 to interact with these potentially violent incidents. In particular, providers should use verbal de-escalation and non-threatening body-positioning skills. Additional staff should be available to call for law enforcement if the incident reaches a level where physical intervention is necessary. Providers will not physically intervene if the incident reaches this level of risk. Providers will then attempt to disengage and maintain safety at this level until law enforcement arrives to intervene.


Client Related Incidents Onsite:


Involved providers will follow the training received in The MANDT System for interacting with an emotional and potentially violent person. Modules 1 through 4 up to and including physical interaction will be used if appropriate. MANDT states to "know your limits", this is the measure for law enforcement involvement. If the steps of Modules 1 through 2 for non-physical interaction are unsuccessful and physical interaction is not a safe option, then law enforcement will be called to intervene. The provider or provider's supervisor will notify the involved parent or guardian. The protocol for emergency beeper use and reporting a critical incident must be followed. Teams, individuals and ultimately the President will determine whether charges will be filed in criminal and violent incidents.


Law Enforcement Notification:


To contact law enforcement in your area, dial 911 or your local emergency number.