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Internet Access      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Information Technology                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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6.ME.3 Electronic Media Policy

Procedure:  .

1.      The Administrative Services Manager will establish Net policy. The Administrative Services Manager is responsible for implementation and control.

2.      Definitions �

2.1.   Browser - another name for a client program that allow users to access documents on the World Wide Web

2.2.   E-mail - a way of sending electronic messages between computers, which are attached to both internal networks and global Internet

2.3.   Information Systems - computer hardware, software, and networks used by the Agency for communications and the automation of processes.

2.4.   Internet - a worldwide communications network implemented using standard protocol that connects networks and organizational computer facilities

2.5.   Telnet - main communication protocol for creating a connection with a remote machine

2.6.   WWW - World Wide Web; a hypermedia-based system for accessing Internet sites

3.      Internal Access Rights

3.1.   Net services will be provided to all Community Care employees who have an Agency-approved need. Supervision is responsible for notifying Information Technology of those employees not requiring such access. Community Care Net resources are to be used primarily for Agency business-related purposes. Occasional personal use of Net service is permitted, with the Agency's expectation that personal usage is limited to non-work times.

4.      External Access Rights

4.1.   No employee is permitted to grant access to the Care network to any unauthorized persons and violations of this policy will be grounds for disciplinary action up to, and including termination.

4.2.   External dial-up into the network by authorized employees is made for Agency business purposes only and will be monitored.

4.3.   Terminal access (Telnet) into the Care network from the Internet must be approved by the Administrative Services Manager.

5.      Supported Services

5.1.   The outbound Net services are normally not restricted; the only permissible inbound Net service is e-mail.

6.      Security

6.1.   All Internet access will be controlled though the use of access lists, user ID's, passwords and firewall systems established and maintained by Community Care. No one is authorized to provide their user ID's or passwords to any employee or non-employee to allow access to the Care network.

7.      Virus Checking

7.1.   All files received over the Net, regardless of whether they are data or executables, must be checked for viruses before being used on any Community Care resource. Under no circumstances may an individual tamper with, or disable installed virus protection software.

8.      Tracking

8.1.   Community Care reserves the right to monitor, retrieve, and/or store any material in the computer and networked resource systems of the Agency. The Agency has software and systems in place that can monitor and record all Internet and e-mail usage. Individuals utilizing the Agency system should have no expectation of privacy in connection with the use of Care's Information Systems. The contents of any file, messages, attachments, pictures or other personal data sent through any Agency system may be seen by Care management and others, as approved by the Administrative Services Manager. Under no circumstances are employees permitted to install on our information systems encryption software that would otherwise preclude the agency's right to monitor and retrieve data.

9.      Employee Responsibilities

9.1.   Copyright Material

9.1.1.      When using Community Care resources, employees will adhere to Copyright Laws

9.2.   User Conduct

9.2.1.      When using Community Care resources, employees will act in a legal and ethical manner. All employees are encouraged to report (to their supervisor) the receipt of any offensive messages, chain letters, sexually explicit images or documents, and communicate any knowledge they may have of employees that have misused, or have otherwise engaged in unauthorized or offensive on-line conduct.

9.2.2.      The disclosure of Community Care e-mail addresses on any �social messaging network�, e.g. MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook is not permitted.

9.3.   Legal Usage

9.3.1.      Care's Information Systems must not be used knowingly to violate the laws and regulations of the United States or any other nation, or the laws and regulations of any state, city, province or other local jurisdiction. Use of any company resources for illegal activity is grounds for immediate dismissal and the agency will cooperate with any legitimate law enforcement activity.

9.4.   Development and Installation of Software

9.4.1.      Development and publishing of information on the Community Care WWW pages must be authorized/approved by the Executive Director, and the Administrative Services Manager. Installation of Internet software is the responsibility of Community Care IT; no individual teams or users are permitted to install, modify, or download network applications or other Internet software on agency computers.