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Outlook Web Access      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Information Technology                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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N/A  1-1-2004  Management Team    N/A
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6.ME.3 Electronic Media Policy

Procedure:  .

1.      The Administrative Services Manager is responsible for establishing, maintaining and implementing this policy.

2.      Definitions:

2.1.   Outlook WEB Access - Microsoft Outlook WEB Access for Microsoft Exchange Server provides secure access to e-mail, a personal calendar, group scheduling, and collaboration applications on Microsoft Exchange server using a Web browser.

2.2.   Public Machine - any PC that is not part of the Community Care networks, or behind the Care firewall. This would include library, friends house, Internet Cage, etc. ���

3.      General:

3.1.   Community Care provides the capability of accessing your Care e-mail account through the Internet.

3.2.   The logon procedures ensure that a "secure session" is enabled, so there should be no concerns that others can view the information you receive or send over the Internet.

4.      Restrictions:

4.1.   Closing the browser is the only means to terminate access.

4.2.   If you are using a "public machine" and accessing your account, there is no way to logoff, other than shutting down (closing) the browser. If the browser is not shut down, the next person using the computer will have access to the Care e-mail system, using your account.

4.3.   You should be comfortable that the machine you are using to access your company e-mail is free from viruses or has adequate virus protection resident on that machine. Workstations used outside the Agency do not necessarily provide the software protections that are provided for within Community Care.

5.      User Conduct:

5.1.   When using Care's resources, employees will act in a legal, responsible and ethical manner.

6.      Legal Usage:

6.1.   Care's Information Systems must not be used knowingly to violate the laws and regulations of the United States or any other nation, or the laws and regulations of any state, city, province or other local jurisdiction. Use if any Agency resources for illegal activity are grounds for immediate dismissal and the Agency will cooperate with any legitimate law enforcement activity.