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Occupational Exposure      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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1.       Occupationally exposed employees must report the exposure immediately to their supervisor or through the emergency pager system.

2.       The exposed employee will complete an "Occupational Exposure Report" and will submit this form to Human Resources within 24 hours.

3.       The exposed employee will be given a copy of this policy.

4.       Human Resources will arrange for the exposed employee to receive a confidential medical evaluation immediately after an occupational exposure, using Community Care's designated health care provider. The exposed employee will be offered an HIV/HBV test. With the employee's consent, the healthcare provider will collect a blood sample and test this blood. If the exposed employee declines to be tested, the employee will be advised that s/he may elect to have the blood sample tested at a later date.

5.       Human Resources will forward the Occupational Exposure Report, any possible appropriate information regarding the source individual, a copy of the employee's job description, and a copy of the OSHA Regulation for Protection against Blood borne Pathogens to the designated healthcare provider, who will evaluate the exposed employee within 48 hours of the exposure.

6.       If the occupational exposure occurs after normal business hours or during the weekend, the employee may seek treatment and evaluation at any emergency room. This visit and any results must be reported to Human Resources at the beginning of the first regular workday.

7.       Consistent with state law, the HIV/HBV testing healthcare provider will provide the exposed employee personal pretest counseling which will include information about the following:

8.       The nature and reliability of the tests being proposed

                     The person to whom test results may be disclosed

                     The purpose for which test results may be used

                     Any reasonable foreseeable risks and benefits of being tested

                     A memorandum summarizing the contents of the counseling discussion

9.       Human Resources will inform the exposed employee of any laws and regulations concerning disclosure of the source individual's identity and infection status and will provide a copy of the applicable statute.

10.    The supervisor of the exposed employee, in conjunction with Human Resources, will seek consent of the source individual to be tested for HIV/HBV as soon as feasible, unless the individual is already known to be infected with HIV/HBV. If the source individual declines consent, Community Care, if acting as the health care provider, or the exposed employee, may petition the District Court with jurisdiction over the area where the source individual resides, to require the individual to submit to an HIV/HBV test.

11.    The exposed employee's supervisor, in conjunction with Human Resources, will complete a Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-Up Report. This will be done and returned to Human Resources within 48 hours of receipt of the confidential medical evaluation.

12.    The exposed employee will be offered additional HIV/HBV testing at six weeks post-exposure and again at 12 weeks and six months post-exposure.

13.    The results of the source individual's blood test will be made available to the exposed employee. Human Resources will advise of and provide a copy of the applicable laws and regulations concerning the disclosure of the identity and infection status of the source individual to the exposed employee.

14.    Human Resources will make the exposed employee aware that the law requires the HIV/HBV testing provider to report positive test results to the State Bureau of Health.

15.    Consistent with state law, the HIV/HBV testing provider will provide the exposed employee personal posttest counseling, which will include the following:

                     Test results and the reliability and significance of the test results

                     Social and emotional consequences of the information

                     Information on good preventative practices and risk reduction plans

                     Referrals for medical care and other support as needed

                     A memorandum summarizing the contents of the counseling discussion

16.    Community Care will ensure that the medical evaluation and follow-up testing described above is accomplished at no cost to the exposed employee.

17.    Human Resources will maintain the exposed employee's medical record, as directed in OSHA regulation, and will review the applicable OSHA regulation regarding this.

18.    The results of any HIV/HBV testing are confidential and may not be disclosed without the written permission of the exposed employee or source individual.