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Access to Personnel Records      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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  1. Personnel records will be stored in locked filing cabinets in a locked room.
  2. Personnel records will be clearly marked with individual's name, employee number and hire date.
  3. Persons authorized to access personnel records include the employee for their own file, Executive Director, Human Resources staff and the individual's immediate supervisor. All other persons may request to review a personnel record for a legitimate business reason by requesting and receiving permission from the Executive Director, the Human Resources staff or designee in advance and may only do so in the presence the Human Resources staff person.
    1. Automated personnel record keeping systems will have restricted access through access codes or other automated security systems.
    2. All automated personnel record keeping systems will have a back-up system.
  4. Human Resources will maintain a record of any personnel file removed from their storage area.
  5. Copies may be made of materials in an employee�s personnel record for the use of the employee, student, or volunteer; or by the Executive Director, the Human Resources staff or the employee�s immediate supervisor. Approved copies are to be made by the Human Resources staff or designee and given to the requester with the original replaced in the personnel file.
  6. Employees are permitted to enter information in their personnel records by delivering the items to the Human Resources staff or designee. Material suitable for inclusion in the personnel file includes but is not limited to items pertinent to the individual's employment including accomplishments, interests, opinions, etc.
  7. In addition to the employee; other individuals allowed to enter information into an employee�s personnel record include only the Executive Director, Human Resources staff or designee, and the employee�s immediate supervisor.
  8. The only information released by Community Care (unless mandated by law) to individuals, financial institutions, organizations, or other employers requesting information on employees or former employees without written authorization of the employee is acknowledgment that the employee was or is an employee of the agency and dates of employment. Any other information regarding employment must be requested in writing by the employee or former employee utilizing a release form approved by the Human Resources Department.�
  9. A former employee has the right to review their personnel file upon written request to Community Care's Human Resources Department.
  10. An employee, former employee, or duly authorized representatives of the employee, may request a copy of the employee�s personnel file.� One copy per year will be at the employer�s expense. �Additional copies per year will be at the employee�s or former employee�s expense. Copying will be done during normal business hours at the location where the personnel records and files are maintained within the time frames established by state and federal regulations and laws.