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Personnel Records      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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  1. All personnel records will be maintained similarly.
  2. Each personnel record will contain information and documentation verifying the positions held by an employee along with their qualifications and experience. Each record will minimally contain the following:
    1. Signed Job Description
    2. Copies of appropriate licenses and certifications including either licensure as a Mental Health Professional in the State of Maine, certification by the Bureau of Mental Health or the Department of Mental Health & Mental Retardation as an Other Qualified Mental Health Professional, or certification by the HRT program as an MHRT.
    3. Copies of diplomas, transcripts, or documentation of verbal verification from the school official citing date and school official contacted.
    4. Records of continuing education and training in the form of certificates noting date, title of training, number of hours or CEU's or other listings of training received with content, date, presenter, and length of training documented.
    5. Documentation regarding the individual's criminal/abuse history (SBI and DHS checks) along with documentation of Community Care assessment of the seriousness of positive information provided by the SBI or DHS check and actions taken as appropriate.
    6. A signed and dated statement that the individual has reviewed and understands the Rights of Recipients (Adult and/or Children's editions) before commencing the duties of their job and whenever there is a change in the Rights regulations.
    7. All performance evaluation including staff development goals.
    8. All documentation generated by the employment process including:
      • Minimum of two completed Interview Rating forms for the selected candidate.
      • Completed Community Care Application form (and Resume if submitted).
      • Completed Authorization for Release of Information to complete a background check.
      • Completed Hepatitis-B Declination or Consent form (held in their confidential file)
      • Minimum of three verified references (held in the confidential their file)