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Parties: Community Care Employees

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1. A designated hiring supervisor will determine that an employment vacancy exists. To finalize determination of need, the supervisor must consult with the appropriate Program Director.

2. The Human Resources Team (HR) will then post the position internally and externally if necessary; these postings can occur concurrently. All position openings will be posted internally with a minimum of a five (5) business day application period for internal candidates. The supervisor in consult with HR and the Program Director will develop and implement an appropriate recruitment strategy. Employees in active employment status, unless receiving authorization from the Executive Director, will be ineligible to bid on internal postings for a period of one year after acceptance of a new position within the agency.

3. Community Care and the Team will only accept applications from internal and/or external candidates when the agency has a posted and announced position opening and/or vacancy.

4. HR will receive and log employment letters, resumes and applications. When someone applies with a resume, HR will send the applicant a Community Care application to complete, including release forms.Additionally, someone can request to complete an application, in lieu of resume, for an open position.Once the application is complete and it is determined by HR that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the posted position, HR will forward the application, and/or resume and any other documents sent by the applicant to the supervisor for review. The supervisor will initiate individual interview invitations.Invitations to interview may be preceded by contact with the applicant by the supervisor to determine suitability to interview.

5. Before the actual interview, the hiring supervisor and/or their designee will provide the applicant with a copy of the job description and the information on Hepatitis B Vaccine including the Hepatitis B Consent or Declination Form.If the applicant is interviewing for a part time high or full time position, a summary of Community Care benefit package will also be given to the applicant to review before the interview.HR may provide a job description and/or benefit summary to any candidate upon request.

6. The hiring supervisor with at least one other person should conduct the individual selection interviews. The same interview team must be utilized for each selection process pool. All interviewers must have completed Interviewing & Hiring training with an emphasis on Civil Rights training American with Disabilities Act issues.During each interview, applicants will be asked if they have read the job description and if based on their understanding of the job from reading the job description and from the interview, do they believe they can complete the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodation.(The questions are based on our understanding of the ADA and require only a �yes� or �no� answer.)

7.Additionally at the interview, each interviewee will be given the information about our mandatory orientation process and mileage reimbursement.

8. The supervisor and hiring team have the responsibility to determine whether an applicant is meets the job-related criteria necessary to perform the job and to successfully integrate into Community Care's work environment.

9. Upon completion of interviewing, all selection decisions must use all of the following records:(These records will be returned to HR.)

a) All completed Interview Rating Forms.

b) The completed (signed and dated) Community Care Application Form with an accompanying resume and cover letter of application, if applicable.

c) Training records, college transcripts, professional licenses and certifications, if applicable.

d) Information from processed background checks (State Bureau of Identification, Department of Human Services and Department of Motor Vehicles, and Sex Offender Registry), if available or completed (signed, dated) release forms for each respective background check.

e) The completed Hepatitis-B Consent/Declination Form.

f) A minimum of three verified professional references.Exceptions to this must be approved by HR or designee.

g) Interview Rating Forms (group/individual) for all non-selected interviewed candidates with a written explanation for this rejection.

10.The hiring team identifies the preferred candidate to the Executive Director who makes the final decision to hire.The supervisor completes the nomination form which will document all information to make a job offer (title, supervisor, wage, start date) in addition to all education, training and certificate levels held by the nominee in preparation for their customized orientation and training schedule.

11.The supervisor forwards the nomination form to HR, who along with the Executive Director or designee is the only person with the authority to make job offers to applicants.All employment offers are conditional upon the satisfactory completion of a post-offer, pre-employment physical and PPD test. Prospective employees cannot begin the orientation or training or the new employee intake process until HR receives these satisfactory written results from Community Care's designated healthcare provider.

12. HR also will make an employment offer once the State Bureau of Identification (SBI), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), applicable State Sex Offender Registry, and Department of Human Services (DHS) background checks are returned, and the nomination form has been signed by the Program Director and Executive Director. With the Executive Director's approval and a good faith reason to believe that the candidate does not have any background irregularities, HR may give conditional employment to a prospective candidate before receiving the completed background checks. This conditional employment may not include direct client service. If the conditional employee has unacceptable background checks returned, the supervisor must immediately place the conditional employee on administrative leave without compensation or benefits, pending further investigation. This investigation may result in the immediate termination of employment. Minimally, individuals who have a documented history of assaultive behavior would not be permitted to work in areas or have direct interaction with vulnerable populations. Without the Executive Director's prior written approval, no one can make an employment offer that includes a pre-employment agreement at variance with Community Care's personnel policies, written or unwritten.

13. Employment offers are also conditional until a determination whether the applicant has the legal right to work in the United States which can be made via the completion of an I-9 form. Newly hired employees have 3 working days, once they start employment, to verify employment eligibility and complete the I-9 (with appropriate supporting documentation).

14. If the background, medical, or any other subsequent investigation discloses any misrepresentation on the application form or information indicating that the individual is not suited for employment with Community Care, that applicant will be refused employment or, if already employed may be terminated.

15. Any employment offer is conditional until the prospective employee signs the Employment Letter of Agreement. The signing of the Letter completes the hiring process. This letter confirms employment date, salary offered, applicable fringe benefits and special employment conditions and requirements, if approved as above indicated. Both the new employee and the Executive Director or designee must sign this Letter. The employee will receive the original Letter with a copy retained in his/her personnel file.

16. A Professional Development Agreement will be implemented with any new employee when the employee does not have the required licensure, credentials, and/or certifications for the desired position. This agreement must include the specific license, credentials, and/or certifications that will be obtained, and in what timeframe. Professional Development Agreements must be approved by the Executive Director. Employees entering into Professional Development Agreements must be supervised closely by an individual who has the appropriate licensure, credentials and/or certifications. Conditions of the Professional Development Agreement must be indicated as a condition of employment in the letter of hire. Any employee who has entered into a Professional Development Agreement with Community Care, who does not complete their plan in the identified time frame, may be terminated from their position, or a new plan may be developed at the discretion of the Executive Director.

17. HR, upon request of the supervisor, must contact all non-selected applicants to inform them of their selection status. Whenever possible, this contact should be by letter.

18. Applications, solicited or unsolicited, must be kept for a minimum of one (1) year from the date submitted or from the date last acted upon, which ever is later.

19. Community Care requires reasonable accommodation in the employment process. The need of a reasonable accommodation must not hinder the employment of a qualified applicant.

20. Community Care is taking affirmative action as required by law to employ and advance in employment qualified disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era and qualified disabled individuals. Community Care is committed to considering and hiring first those qualified applicants referred through the service provider network including ASPIRE, Workforce Development/JTPA, and the Division of Rehabilitation services. Community Care is also taking affirmative action as required by law to employ and advance in employment-qualified individuals without regard to race, gender, sex, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.

21. Community Care is an at-will employer. In the absence of a clear, express agreement to the contrary, Community Care employees are hired for an indefinite term and may be terminated without notice for any reason or no reason at all, except that the employee may not be terminated for an illegal reason. An illegal reason for termination is a reason prohibited by statute (such as disability discrimination).

22. During the recruitment, hiring, and orientation process, no statement should be made promising permanent or guaranteed employment. All employees of Community Care should be aware that employment with Community Care is at-will and should not make any representations otherwise.

23. Former employees who left Community Care in good standing may be considered for reemployment. Former employees who resigned without appropriate advanced written notice or who were dismissed for disciplinary reasons may not be considered for reemployment.

24. A former employee who is reemployed will be considered a new employee from the date of reemployment unless the break in service is less than thirty days, in which case the employee will retain accumulated seniority. Length of service for the purpose of benefits is governed by the terms of each benefit plan. Employees who retire may be eligible, in certain circumstances, to be considered for rehire.