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Physical Assessment Requirements      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA G5.8.02/04/05

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N/A  3-25-2004  Management Team  6/09  6-1-2009
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7.ME.28 Physical Assessment Requirements Policy

Procedure:  .

Employees, Contractees, Students, and Volunteers: All of the above will receive a physical examination during the hiring/selection process (consistent with the hiring procedure for employees and as applicable for contractees, students and volunteers), prior to the first day of orientation. All initial physical assessments must include a skin tuberculin test and the results must be provided to Community Care.

1. Contracted Foster Parents and Respite Parents: All foster parents and respite parents receive a physical examination when they initially apply for a license through The Department of Human Services. Foster Parents and respite providers seeking a contract with Community Care will be required to have a skin tuberculin test during this initial physical assessment and provide the documentation of the assessment to the Community Care Human Resources Department. Upon re-licensing, the foster parents and respite providers are required to receive another physical examination also to include a skin tuberculin test. Re-licensing occurs a minimum of every two years. Other adults who care for the clients placed in the home, who are believed to have a medical concern that may impact the care they provide to the clients, must also receive a physical examination.

2. Employees working in residential programs involved in food preparation: Employees involved in food preparation must receive a physical examination not less than annually. Employees who are deemed not to be in sufficient health to prepare food for clients will be assigned other duties (as available) consistent with their job descriptions and will return to food preparation once Community Care's Human Resources Department is notified by CARE's occupational health provider that the employee is cleared for all duties. Additionally, any employees with duties of food preparation, or related to food preparation, will be reassigned to duties (as available) within the residential facility if they are recognized to have an acute illness or an untreated open wound.

3. Additional in-service physical assessment requirements: The Infectious and Contagious Disease Control Procedures is the reference for information regarding incidents of exposure. Additional physical assessments may be required when there is an incident of suspected exposure.