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Tuition Aid Program      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees

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1)      To qualify for the Tuition Aid Program, a provider must:

a)      Be a regular, full time employee.

b)      Have successfully completed one year of service.

c)      Continue employment at Community Care on a full time basis while attending an accredited college, university or technical school and for at least one year after the completion of the approved course of study.

d)      Not be on a Leave of Absence.


2)      To qualify for the Tuition Aid Program, the course of study must:

a)      Lead to improvement in knowledge and professional skills in the employee�s present position or future positions with the Agency.

b)      Be offered at or through an accredited college, university or technical/trade school.

c)      Be approved by the employee�s supervisor and the Executive Director or designee BEFORE taking the course.

d)      Not be in conflict with the employee�s regular work schedule, whenever possible.

e)      Not have total payment provided for the specific course by a scholarship or other financial grant. If other sources are providing partial payment, the tuition aid to which the employee is entitled will be reduced by the amount of the grant.

f)       Be completed with a passing grade: A or B or �pass� in a pass/fail situation.


3)      Tuition Aid Benefits:

a)      100% reimbursement up to a maximum of $96.75 per credit hour for an undergraduate course and $141.00 per credit hour for a graduate course. 100% reimbursement for completion of a certificate or advanced studies course or program up to a maximum of $141.00 per CEU.

b)      Up to four academic courses, certificates or advanced study courses per calendar year, not to exceed 12 credit hours per calendar year.

c)      No reimbursement for the employee�s time in class, travel time to class or time required to study for the course.

d)      External training opportunities will not be extended to providers utilizing the Tuition Aid Program.


4)      Job performance while taking academic, certificate or advanced study courses:

a)      Any reimbursement of tuition expenses is dependent on the employee�s continued satisfactory performance of their regular position duties. Tuition aid may be revoked if an employee�s job performance is considered substandard by his or her supervisor.

b)      Whenever possible Community Care will permit employees to flex their regular schedule to accommodate attendance at day, evening, or weekend classes, provided that a 40 hour work week is maintained and administrative and/or client services are not negatively impacted.


5)      To apply for the Tuition Aid Program, an employee must:

a)      Complete the Tuition Aid Application which includes at a minimum, the following information:

         The course title, institution, location, class schedule and whether the course is being applied towards obtaining an academic degree and/or for professional certification/licensing.

         A description of the course, demonstrating how the course meets criteria for approval and/or for professional certification/licensing.

         The amount of the per credit hour or CEU cost to be reimbursed, and,

         If applicable, specifications of requested time off from work for educational leave, including all travel time. (If time off from work is requested, the provider must include a statement demonstrating unavailability of the course except during work hours).

b)      Submit a new application for each semester and course of study.

c)      Submit the application to his or her supervisor at least four weeks before the course starts date to facilitate the application processing and give the employee sufficient notice in the event the application is denied.

d)      Have the application signed, dated and recommended by his or her supervisor.

e)      Forward the completed application to the Executive Director for final approval.


6)      The Executive Director will send notification of the action taken in writing to the employee. If the application is denied, this response must note any changes in the application or conditions for subsequent potential approval.


7)      After successful completion of an approved course, the employee should send to the Director of Human Resources a copy of the grade that she or he has received, a copy of the paid course receipt and a copy of the approved application. Successful Tuition Aid Applicants must complete a term of full-time employment of not less than one year from the course completion date for which aid was provided. Those who do not comply with this agreement must refund all aid received.


8)      Depending on your individual status, tuition aid may be taxable, please make specific inquiries regarding your individual situation and tax status directly to the IRS or your tax accountant.


9)      In the event that allocated funds for the Tuition Aid Program are depleted prior to the completion of a given fiscal year, the Executive Director reserves the right to suspend the Tuition Aid Program. In the event of the suspension of this benefit providers will be given timely notice to plan accordingly.