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Off-Site Risk Reduction      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Risk Management and Safety                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employee

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Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
9.ME.3  4-1-2004  Executive Director    4-1-2009
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9.ME.3 Risk Management Policy

Procedure:  .

To reduce the risk of employee injury while an employee is working off-site, Community Care has implemented various precautionary steps.

Operating a Vehicle:

a. Employees must obey all traffic laws, including use of appropriate vehicle restraints by the employee and any passengers.

b. A Vehicle Safety check is required at minimum each year for employee vehicles that are providing direct service.

c. Each employee is required to carry a First Aid kit in their vehicle.

d. All employees must have up to date inspection stickers on their vehicles used for work purposes.

Home Visits:

a. Programs which require employees to work in homes that are not contracted with Community Care are provided a cell phone if they do not have one of their own.

b. If an employee senses that they are in any type of danger while working in a home or in the community, they are encouraged to leave the situation and notify their supervisor immediately.

c. Although some programs at Community Care are restraint-free programs, all employees providing direct care are trained in the MANDT techniques as a precautionary measure. *In the day-to-day work required by all the positions at Community Care there is frequent contact with supervisors and other staff. Many positions require at least weekly contact for supervision purposes.

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