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Risk Management      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Risk Management and Safety                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees

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Supporting References: COA Standards RPM 2, 2.01, 2.04, 2.06

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N/A  3-25-2004  Management Team    4-1-2009
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9.ME.3 Risk Management Policy

Procedure:  .

The assignment of risk management responsibilities include:

1. Oversight of risk management is assigned in specific job descriptions at the discretion of the Executive Director, through the Human Resources (HR) office.

2. Each person whose job description responsibility includes the oversight of risk management must follow a process of identifying and analyzing the nature, severity, and frequency of risks within the scope of their position. Examples of areas where risk management oversight is required includes, but is not limited to: Employee safety and protection, client safety and protection, building safety and maintenance, and external providers´┐Ż agreements.

3. Not less than quarterly, each position responsible for risk management will report exposure incidents to the Director of Quality improvement.

4. Not less than annually risk management reports will be included in the agencies CQI Plan. Included in this process is an annual evaluation of risk management practices.

5. Community Care will maintain adequate insurance coverage, which will be evaluated on an annual basis, to protect against all anticipated potential risk exposures. Such insurance coverage includes, but is not limited to, general liability, workers' compensation, disability, fire and theft, medical indemnification professional liability, risk pooling trust, officers' or directors' liability, automobile liability, and malpractice. Community Care also will maintain liability insurance to cover potential loss as a result of dishonest employee actions.

6. Annual review of insurance practices and policies will include a disclosure of insurance policies through the Community Care HR office. Any change of insurance coverage will be communicated through the annual report or directly to individuals if other than an annual change. Further information regarding insurance practices is included in the Risk Management: Insurance Practices Procedure.

7. Any exposure to risk may require legal consultation to be utilized at the discretion of the Executive Director or designee. Community Care has on retainer a minimum of one (1) legal advisor for such consultation.

8. Community Care will comply with all regulations, laws, and licensing requirements in the practice of risk management. Not less than annually, Community Care will engage in assessment practices to authenticate these compliance practices. The office of the Director of Quality Improvement will oversee this process. Community Care will engage in self-reporting of any non-compliance issues to governing bodies, licensors, and accrediting organization. The Director of Quality Improvement is the facilitator of this process and any reports generated regarding compliance issues must be submitted to that office.

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