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Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Care Development of Maine employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA Service Standards MH 1, CM 2, FPS 2, FC 1, SA 1, GLS

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.  5-1-1997  Executive Director    2-18-2009
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Applicants are screened promptly and responsively to identify the urgency of need and to direct individuals to the appropriate service(s).Individuals and/or families are informed about how well their request matches the agency�s services and when those services will be available.Community Care�s screening practices ensure equitable treatment, give priority to urgent needs and emergency situations, support timely initiation of services, and provide for placement on a waiting list if necessary. [1] ��Screening of potential clients will take place in the same order that the referrals were received.Exceptions to this may occur when referrals are received for emergency situations.These situations will take priority pending approval from the Program Coordinator and Program Director.Exceptions may also be made with approval from the Program Coordinator and Program Director when a potential client can be served more promptly than other referrals based on their geographical location and availability of services in their area.Individuals and/or families who cannot be served, or cannot be served promptly, are referred to appropriate resources if desired. Once it is determined that Community Care will provide services, any relevant information that was not collected during the referral process will be collected during the screening process.

When a Native American child is referred for services, Community Care will determine the applicability of the Indian Child Welfare Act and will ensure compliance when applicable


[1] The Community Family Support Services Program will directly contact families who have been referred within 72 hours of the referral if providing preservation and stabilization services or within 24 hours if providing intensive preservation and stabilization services.