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Discharge/Termination of Services      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Service Delivery                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA Standards CM 8, FPS 0, FC 14, MH 9, VOC 12; Mental Health Licensing Regs. DPT.1, CS.13-CS.17.B, CRS.4A-CRS.5.B, IN11.- IN.13; OP.10-OP14.B;RS.11-RS.16.B; Mental Health Res. Regs. Section (E) page 4, section (vi) page 51, section 8 (a) page 53-54, section (4) (i) page 78-79, Section (3) page 79.

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N/A  1-1-2004  Management Team  5/08  1-1-2009
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3.ME.18 Discharge Policy

Procedure:  .

Planning for discharge or termination of services will begin at intake with participation from the client and/or guardian. These decisions will be documented in the client's service plan and case record. Termination or discharge could result when an individual or family:

a) achieves their service goals or is otherwise ready to discontinue service;

b) no longer wants Community Care's services;

c) no longer meets the eligibility criteria;

d) refuses to meet program standards or requirements;

e) has needs that exceed organizational resources;

f) is being reunified or has been adopted, or;

g) is court involved and the court approves closure for mandated clients.

Community Care, along with the client and/or family and/or guardian, will jointly plan for termination or discharge. These decisions will be documented in the client's case record. Should a client or family be involuntarily discharged, Community Care will give the client and/or family and/or guardian a written explanation of reasons for discharge within five working days of the date service was terminated. Community Care will, to the extent possible, ensure that the client or family is linked with appropriate services. Community Care will document in case record reasons why services are being terminated and will document efforts on the Discharge Summary/Aftercare Checklist to arrange additional services. Community Care's residential programs will provide residents leaving and/or their legal guardian with a copy of the resident's Health Records. A copy of this document must be placed in the closed case record. Additionally, upon termination or discharge the client's or family's service provider or designee will complete a Discharge Summary/Aftercare plan on the day of discharge. A copy will be placed in the case record and a copy will be sent to the client and/or family and/or legal guardian. Community Care will notify any other service providers working with the client and/or family of the decision to terminate or discharge. Notification to these providers will be documented in the case record. Refer to the Closing Client Record Instructions when closing files.

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