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Pay Period and Pay Day      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees

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1.                    Employee time worked and CarePET time is recorded on a weekly basis. The time period/work week begins Saturday at 12:01 a.m. and ends the following Friday at 12:00 midnight.� Recording of time will be based upon the period/work week in which the shift began.

2.                    Community Care has a bi-weekly payroll system, which begins Saturday at 12:01 AM and ends two weeks later on Friday at 12:00 midnight.

a.        Pay stubs, including amounts for approved reimbursement claims are issued every other Friday for wages earned and approved expenses incurred and submitted during the biweekly pay period. There is a one-week delay between the end of the pay and reimbursement period and the issuance of an employee's pay.

b.       Community Care employees must have their pay direct deposited to the financial institution(s) of their choice.�

c.        For the protection of employees, Community Care will not release a pay stub to a person other than the employee named on the check unless the employee has given specific, written authorization to have an alternative designee receive their pay sub.

d.       Pay stubs will be placed in the mailboxes for Bangor employees, with all other employee stubs being mailed to their mailing address on file. �

e.        Once a pay stub has been turned over to the US Postal Service Community Care is no longer responsible for the pay stub nor will it guarantee that the pay stub will be delivered to the employee's assigned mailing location on Community Care's designated payday.