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Time, Mileage and Expense Reporting      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees

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Time Recording

1.       To assure accurate recording of time employees are expected to record time worked and paid time off, coded to the department that was worked in, by the end of each work shift.

2.       If a shift begins prior to midnight on Friday and continues until a time period on Saturday the entire shift should be recorded as time worked on Friday. For example: An employee's shift begins at 11:00 PM Friday and ends at 8:00 AM Saturday, 9 hours should be recorded in Friday's date.

3.       Recording of time should not be entered prior to working an assigned shift. CarePET can be recorded prior to the leave, if the employee does not expect to return in time to meet payroll inputting deadlines.

4.       Employee time sheets (E-Time sheet) will be completed for review by the employee's designated supervisor by the close of business each Friday or the end of the Friday work shift unless otherwise expressly authorized by their respective supervisor.

Mileage Recording

1.       To assure accurate recording of mileage employees are expected to record reimbursable mileage, coded to the department worked in, by the end of each work shift.Mileage cannot be coded to a department in which no time was worked and reported on the timesheet.

2.       Employee mileage will be completed weekly by Sunday midnight, for review by the employee's designated supervisor. Supervisors will receive a mileage report for their respective teams each Monday by 9:00 AM. During payroll processing weeks supervisors will review and approve the biweekly mileage report and submit the approved mileage reimbursement report for the previous week(s) to payroll department by midnight each Monday.

3.There is a 30 day limit for submitting mileage for reimbursement.The mileage database will not accept entries older than 30 days from the end of the current pay period. Example:Current pay period ending date is 2/9/07; cannot enter any mileage in the database older than 1/10/07. Adjustment may be made periodically with supervisor approval, but continued lateness will become a supervisory issue.

Recording Expense Reimbursement

1.       Employee expense reimbursement sheets will be submitted to the employee's designated supervisor by the close of business on the Monday following the week in which the expense was incurred (with the exception of expenses for which monthly invoices are applicable). Supervisors will be required to submit all approved expense reimbursement forms by the Friday at the end of the pay period.

At all levels within the organization submission of a time, mileage, and/or payroll expense sheets after the established due date and time will become a performance issue to be addressed by that employee's immediate supervisor that may subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

At the time of hire Community Care employees will be given training on how to input to the time and mileage reimbursement systems.