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Emergency Procedure (weather related)      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Risk Management and Safety                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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9.MEP.13 Disaster and Evacuation Procedure

Procedure:  .

As a general rule, the task of deciding to close the entire Agency (all offices) for inclement weather will remain a decision of the Executive Director. Following such a decision, the Administrative Services Manager will be advised immediately and will in turn advise the media and update the office status voice-mailbox at 207.299.1166. It is stressed that only this administrative function should be in touch with the media in this regard, as individual locations doing so on their own may create confusion.

The Administrative Services Manager or designee will then advise the area offices and act as an internal information center for the Agency. This will be accomplished through e-mail and when appropriate the initiation of the "telephone-tree".

Management of area offices are solely responsible for closure of their offices should regional conditions warrant. No media will be contacted, and local procedures for notification of staff and other providers should be implemented. Residential facilities may not close; staff must be present or arrangements for staff to be transported to the homes must be made.

When it is proposed to close the Bangor office early, because of inclement weather, or other serious conditions, the Executive Director or designee will make such a decision. Following the decision, the Administrative Services Manager will inform all offices. Management of area offices may make decisions with respect to their staff independently, and may act to close or stay open. Notification of any closure should be made to the Administrative Services Manager. Upon notification the ASM will notify Agency supervision by e-mail and update the office status voice-mailbox at 207.299.1166.

In the event of a protracted emergency such as a major fire, explosion, etc., the Executive Director will convene an emergency committee including the following members:

Management Team

Administrative Services Manager


The function of this committee will be to coordinate the operation of the Agency under these unusual circumstances. Once again, the Administrative Services Manager or designee will handle external communications and act as the center of the internal information network.