Policy Manual


Permitted Uses and Disclosure of Protected Health Information Regarding Law Enforcement Purposes for Victims of a Crime      

Type: Policy                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: HIPAA Privacy Rule Standard 164:512f3

Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
N/A  4-13-2003  Board    4-13-2003
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Policy:  Community Care may disclose protected health information in response to a law enforcement official’s request for such information about an individual who is or was suspected to be a victim of a crime if the individual agrees to the disclosure or Community Care is unable to obtain the individual’s agreement because of incapacity or other emergency circumstance, provided that: the law enforcement official represents that such information is needed to determine whether a violation of law by a person other than the victim has occurred, and such information is not intended to be used against the victim; and the law enforcement official represents that immediate law enforcement activity that depends upon the disclosure would be materially and adversely affected by waiting until the individual is able to agree to the disclosure; and the disclosure is in the best interests of the individual as determined by Community Care, in the exercise of professional judgment.