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Written Authorizations for Use and Disclosure of PHI - Marketing Information      

Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
N/A  4-13-2003  Executive Director    N/A
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Procedure:  .

Care Development of Maine



Title: Written Authorizations for Use and Disclosure of PHI - Marketing Information


Code: 1.MEP.21




Level: Care Development of Maine


Related Policies: 1.ME.64


Purpose: To ensure compliance with Privacy Rule under HIPAA


Affected Parties: Care Development of Maine Employees and Contractees


Effective Date: 4/13/03


Approval Level: Executive Director


Revision Date: none


References: see policy



All requests for disclosures of PHI for use in marketing materials must be completed using the attached authorization form.All copies of authorizations must be maintained as part of the client record.



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