Policy Manual


ADA Parking and Accessibility      

Type: Procedure                 Category: General                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care Employees and Contractees

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Procedure:  .

1)      The Agency will assure that the parking and drop-off requirements are maintained and enforced.

2)      All employees will attend Safety Orientation Training, which includes a review of this procedure.

3)      All handicapped spaces will be clearly marked.

4)      All employees are asked to report possible parking violations. Violations will include:

i)                    No valid handicapped sign displayed for vehicles parked in designated spaces

ii)                   No valid handicapped plate ID for vehicles parked in designated spaces

5)      All providers are asked to report blockages of sidewalks and ramps.

6)      Providers will report violations or other accessibility blockages to the applicable Safety Officer or main desk. The following information should be provided with any report:

i)                    Handicap Parking Concerns:

A)    The make of vehicle

B)     Model of vehicle

C)    License plate ID

ii)                   Accessibility and Blockage Concerns:

A)    The nature and location of the blockage

7)      The Safety Officer or designee will then:

i)                    Handicap Parking Concerns:

A)    Attempt to locate the vehicle operator and ask the operator to relocate the operator's vehicle. If the operator cannot be located, the safety officer or designee will call the local law enforcement number to make a report and have the vehicle removed.

B)     Accessibility and Blockage Concerns:

(1)   Attempt to correct the situation immediately. If a correction is not immediately possible, a report will be made to the Manager of Administrative Systems to request a correction.