Policy Manual


Legal Assistance to Personnel      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Legal                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Procedure:  In the event that claims are made against an employee of Community Care regarding lawful, authorized actions taken in the course and scope of fulfilling the requirements of their job, said employee will notify the Community Care Supervisor. The supervisor will, along with the employee, fill out a report to be submitted to management. Upon review of the document, management will make recommendations regarding what assistance may be provided to the employee. If such a report is submitted by an outside party to Community Care, the supervisor will meet with the employee and then follow this procedure. Assistance may be in the form of advice to seek counsel, documentation of the action in question, and/or legal counsel. In addition, Community Care maintains liability insurance coverage that insures payment of legal costs to employees who, while engaged in lawful, authorized actions taken in the course of fulfilling their required job tasks, may be the subject of a legal claim made against them. This procedure does not require the organization to provide assistance to personnel who commit unlawful acts or acts that are not conducted in the course of, or in furtherance of, their employment, nor does it guarentee free legal services in every instance. In addition, this standard does not require the organization to provide legal assistance to personnel if the organization's legal counsel determines that doing so would constitute a conflict of interest.