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Providing for the Communication Needs of Clients.      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Service Delivery                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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Supporting References: COA Standard CR 1.06; Rights of Recipients page 5 Section (V) and page 64 (17); Treatment Foster Care Standards page 28 (d); Mental Health Res. Regs page 50 Section (6) Service planning (ii); Mental Health Licensing Regs. sections CS.7.A.8, CRS 2.A.7, IN.5.A.8, OP 5.A.8, and RS.6.A.8.

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N/A  1-1-2004  Management Team  none  12-1-2008
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3.ME.1 Continuity of Care Policy

Procedure:  .

Community Care will ensure that clients with special communication needs have communication accommodations made available to them in order to receive effective services.

1. At intake, a Community Care employee will assess whether the client has a need for communication accommodations including, but not limited to:

a. telephone amplification, sign language services, and/or other communication methods for deaf or hearing impaired persons;

b. communication assistance for persons with special needs who have difficulties making their service needs known;

c. translators or language telephones for the client's choice of language;

d. communication assistance to accommodatethe client�s literacy level

2. Community Care will assess whether there is an employee who can to provide the communication assistance for the client.

3. If an employee is not identified, Community Care will make a referral to an outside agency specializing in communication assistance.

4. When there is a need to make a referral, the identified employee will contact the Community Care's central office or locate the resource list.Bottom of Form