Policy Manual


Volunteers, Consultants, and Students      

Type: Policy                 Category: Administration                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Community Care employees and contractees

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N/A  1-1-2004  Board    12-18-2003
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Policy:  It shall be the policy of Community Care that all volunteers, students, consultants, and other professionals providing foster care, treatment services, or other human services at Community Care will complete the same orientation that is necessary for employed staff providing similar services. Furthermore, volunteers, including students, shall be utilized only in conjunction with appropriate supervision, training, and orientation to acquaint them with Community Care’s values, standards of care, policies, and procedures, as well as all state and federal guidelines. Whenever possible, and where appropriate, the agency will work in conjunction with the colleges and/or universities to prepare students for working with its service populations, and will assist students in gaining information in their field of study