Policy Manual


Electronic Media Re-Use and Disposal      

Type: Policy                 Category: Information Technology                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Workforce of Community Care

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Supporting References: HIPAA Security Rule 164.310(d)(2)(ii)

Parent Effective Date Approval Level Revision Dates Last Reviewed
6.ME.20  4-1-2005  Board    3-23-2005
Related Document Code Related Document Name Type
6.MEP.13 Data Storage and Retention Procedure
6.MEP.3 Computer Software Standards Procedure
6.MEP.36 Data Archiving and Destruction Procedure

Policy:  It is the policy of Community Care that if an electronic media device will be re-used within a program (defined as a group of work force members with common need to know status of a defined set of clients) the data on the device will be cleared by deletion, reformatting, cloning or purging the device prior to re-use. In all other circumstances of re-use or disposal the data must be purged using one or more of the following methods: overwriting, degaussing, cloning, or destruction. Allowed software, devices, and applications for the above methods are listed in the Computer Software Standards document 6.MEP.3. In cases where media will be re-used within a program, end users who have been formally trained to do so may perform clearing. In all other cases, where purging is required, the activity must be supervised by those individuals appropriately qualified and approved by the IT department. Media will not be purged or cleared without first appropriately categorizing and archiving as necessary.