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Prospector Program      

Type: Procedure                 Category: Human Resources                 Level: Community Care 

Parties: Care Development of Maine employees and contractees

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The purpose of the Community Care Prospector Program is to recruit and retain the best qualified, skilled, and diverse individuals. The program provides a means to encourage current employees and contracted foster parents to actively participate in the recruitment and retention of qualified employees and foster parents by earning $500 per approved referral who is successfully obtained and retained for 180 days.

Program Rules

Referral Eligibility: All Regular Community Care employees, (except Management Team members, Human Resources personnel, or persons with hiring/contracting decision-making authority over the referred candidates) are eligible to refer candidates.  Contracted Foster Parents are eligible for the referral program.  Interns are eligible if they are hired within one year of the referral and meets 180 days successful completion of employment.

The referral date cannot be earlier than the date of the initial job posting date.  The hiring of a referred employee must occur within 180 days (six months) of the initial referral date.  The referral must represent the candidate's first contact with Community Care.

Rehires will not be eligible prospects.  Additionally, only candidates who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered.  All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with Agency policies and procedures.

Position Eligibility:  The Foster Parent position is eligible.  Additionally, any position designated by the Executive Director and listed as such on the bi-weekly job posting is eligible.  Eligibility criteria for approved positions includes, but is not limited to, an ongoing deficit of a particular position, an anticipated increased need for a particular position, and positions that create an inability for the agency to best serve children and families if left vacant.

Program Process:  To be eligible for an award, the referral form (below) must first be submitted to Human Resources and must include either a resume/employment application or proceed the resume/application of the candidate.  Once approved as a viable referral, Human resources will send a copy to the employee or foster parent for their records.  If denied, HR will file the original and forward a copy to the referring employee or foster parent.

The first employee to refer a candidate will be the only referring employee eligible for payment.

All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.

The hired candidate must successfully complete the first 180 days of employment.   Additionally, the referring employee must still be employed by Community Care during the hired candidate's first 180 days of employment in order to receive payment.  All referral bonus payments will be processed as income in the next pay cycle following the first 180 days of employment.

Foster parents shall complete a W-9 form prior to receiving Prospector Program funds. Community Care will provide a 1099 form at the end of each tax year to foster parents receiving 600.00 or more.

Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled through Human Resources.

Limitations:  Referral incentives may be approved or denied contingent upon available funding and compliance with this procedure. If funding is not available at the time of initial hire or at any time during the scheduled payment period, incentive payments will be discontinued and will not be paid retroactively.

Prospector Program Form - (not necessary if HR has employee's name on referral's application)

Name (Print): __________________________________ Date:  ____________________

Title:  _____________________________            Dept: _____________________

Employee Signature:  ___________________________________

Name of Candidate You are Referring:  __________________________________________

Position They Are Applying for:  _______________________________________________

Human Resources Section - Approved: _____      Denied:  _____         Date:  __________

Reason for Denial/Comments:  ________________________________________________

Date Hired:  _________________             90 - day review date: ________________

Authorized Signature in HR:  ____________________________________________